Walter Riddle

Walter Riddle is a stage and screen actor based in the Washington, DC area. Receiving training from institutions such as Shakespeare Theatre Company and Coalition Theater and from Richmond great Carol Piersol, Walter continues to hone his Miesner based acting technique. He has worked with Katy Burke previously on the groundbreaking escape room experience Warehouse 29 and is excited to work with her again, on this narrative endeavour. Notable theatre companies Walter has worked with are Swift Creek Mill Theatre, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, and Virginia Repertoire Theatre. Walter has had the pleasure of working on web series' such as The Debt, Woke in the Bridge, and Switch: The Webseries.  



Flint Winter: Episodes 2B & all remaining Episodes in Season 1
Alvin Passel: Episodes 1 & 7
Screechy Starry Sanctum Salesmen:  Episodes 4A & 4B 
Angry Mob Member: Episodes 4A & 4B
Florence: Episode 4A
Starry Sanctum’s Leading Vaporizer/Music Critic: Episode 5
Dramatic Dragoon: Episode 6A 
Shmooples: Episode 6B