Gene Burke

Gene is thrilled to resume his acting career by playing the role of Grant.  Gene first hit the stage as the Third Innkeeper in the 2nd   Grade Nativity play at St. Jude’s School in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania.  He then stopped acting for many decades, but the opportunity of working alongside a great cast in a great role in a great story full of adventure and intrigue was too much to pass up!  He would like to thank Joan for being the love of his life and for doing all the work behind the Kismett Roulette website and online presence.  He’d also like to thank Katy, whose unsinkable enthusiasm, creativity, skill, and plain old hard work made the world of the Forgotten Isles come alive.  And finally, to the rest of the cast of Kismett – it’s been my honor to work with you!


Grant, Technology Expert Extraordinaire: All Episodes in Season 1
Grumpy Guard: Episodes 4A, 4B, & 7 
Starry Sanctum Miner: Episode 5