Colin Burke


Colin has been writing stories his entire life and plans on keeping the habit indefinitely. In pursuit of storytelling, he enrolled at Christopher Newport University, where he is majoring in English with a concentration in Writing. Various personal tales for family members and D&D parties are under his belt, with an adventure novel in the works. When he isnt writing, he spends time as a bowyer, a hobby picked up during quarantine, and works on his sharpshooting in the backyard. While he wouldnt consider himself Robin Hood just yet, he thinks hell get there one day. Colin was ecstatic to hear about the Kismett Roulette project, and happily offered his assistance. Many pieces of the lore are his work, such as I, Atet Unit 1,” “Captains Log,and The Misadventures of Miscellany Corner.” The crew even honored him with a few extra roles in the recording itself. Listen for his skills as Mister Tanner, Bandit with a Lisp, and Average Churchgoer. He also wrote much of what you see on the Kismett website, even this bio! He very much hopes you enjoy the work that the Kismett Crew has put together for you.


Mr. Tanner: Episodes 1 & 7 
Tweety the Robber: Episodes 2A & 7