Alexander Sapp

 Alexander Sapp is an actor/writer in Richmond, VA as well as an instructor at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has always had a passion for storytelling and bringing characters to life. Alexander is also enthusiastic about science fiction, horticulture, and crab cakes.


The Boy Who Came From The Woods

When I was young my dad told me:
One day, you just walked out of the woods;
Dirty, wild, and naked as a jaybird.
I picked you up and brought you home,
And now you’re my boy who came from the woods.

I knew the story wasn’t true. I had seen my baby pictures.
But the look on my father’s face told me it wasn’t false either.
And honestly, it made a lot of sense to me.
Hadn’t I always felt faraway;
Slightly like a stranger?
In that moment I was struck stuck 
Somewhere in between the woods and home;
In between true and false.
That’s where the best stories come from — in between.

Be careful if you choose to dip your toe 
Or your nib there.
It can be a dangerous place.
I recommend tying a string to a doorknob
So you can find your way home.
Or leaving a trail of acorns
To guide you back to the woods.
If you don’t, it can be hard to know 
Which way which what is.

And I’ve wondered sometimes, 
While weeping in front of paying customers
Or dripping ink onto water damaged legal pads:
Did I ever really leave that place;
The place where we dream?
Am I still the boy
Who came from the woods — 
Struck stuck in between?


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